• Nationality of the runners in each team

No require, any one can join the team.

  • Age of athletes

Athletes aged 13 and older are eligible to participate.

  • Can one member take the place of another member of the same team?

No. The Organization Committee regulates the run of each member according to the BIB number, in accordance with the correct turn as registered.

  • Cases of violating competition rules or not being counted as completed

– Giving up without finishing
– Not running enough rounds in accordance with regulations of The Organization Committee
– Running outside of the designated gates or taking a shortcut.
– Not starting in the correct order
– Not wearing the bib while running
– Giving their own bib to others to run instead
– Handing off the tasuki outside the tasuki transmission area.
– Not wearing the tasuki while running
– Not arriving 15 minutes before the race starts
– Not following the guidelines of The Organization Committee

  • Are there water stations on the run route?

In addition to the water stations at the Expo area, there will be other water stations on the runway. Volunteers will be prepared with paper cups for athletes.