Term & Conditions



Cut – off time of Kizuna Ekiden: 2 hours and 30 minutes.



  • Not running through all the time mats will result in a DISQUALIFICATION (DNF).
  • The teams must arrive at the race venue at least 60 minutes before the race starts.
  • Do not change, modify, fold or crumple the Bibs. (Do not remove the time chips).
  • Pinch the four corners in front of the bib number and do not cover the bib number.



  • Other people (not registered for the race) are not allowed to run along.
  • Runners must use exclusively the “Tasuki” prepared and provided by The Organization Committee.
  • Participants must wear a BIB provided by The Organization Committee. The bib must be worn in front of the chest or abdomen and in the correct order of registration.
  • Each group must register the order of runners in the group on the website in the prescribed form.
  • Teams that exceed the cut – off time after departure (a total of 2 hours 30 minutes) will be counted as unfinished, and the team and team members will not be ranked.
  • Except in the case of an emergency, the following cases will be disqualified from the start or disqualified from continuing the Ekiden, and personal or team achievements will not be recorded:

– Run outside of the designated gates or take a short cut.
– Get any help or support from other people.
– Intentional or unintentional behavior that interferes with another group.
– Fail to notify to The Organization Committee when a team does not have the required 4 members, or only notify after The Organization Committee has already started to distribute racing kits.
– Any kind of unsportsmanlike behavior, acts that may cause danger, acts of false propaganda about the competition or acts in violation of the law.
– Arrive late after departure time.
– Be absent at the Tasuki area when it comes to the runner’s round.
– Run in the wrong order (as registered).
– Give wrong personal information when registering.
– Drop litter outside the trash containers.
– Nude or semi-nude at any time of the event.
– Lost, damaged tasuki
Hand off the Tasuki outside the tasuki transmission area.
– Do not wear BIB while running, or wear the wrong one.



  • Dispose of rubbish in designated bins.
  • Keep moving after crossing the finish line.
  • Move to the left if you decide to slow down.
  • At the aid station, signal to a volunteer to inform them of your needs.